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WholeCare, LLC was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing affordable, accessible, and personalized healthcare. We are able to accomplish this through a practice model known as Direct Primary Care [DPC]. By utilizing the DPC model, we are able to eliminate co-pays and commit the necessary time to building strong and trusting personal relationships with our patients.
No rush. No wait. Only unrestricted access to your physician.

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WholeCare, LLC is a community-based Direct Primary Care practice located in Salem, MA

Meet Your Physician


Marie-Andrine Constant, MD, MPH is a board-certified family physician, a public health practitioner, and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Constant believes everyone has a unique story and healthcare should reflect each individual’s narrative. Prior to moving to the United States, Dr. Constant was a Haitian diplomat appointed to represent Haiti’s interests during the Cuba-Haiti Relations. Her contributions to underserved communities helped send numerous Haitians to medical school.

Presently, Dr. Constant’s professional interests include the coordination of narrative-based medicine with clinical care and the treatment of obesity. She also heavily advocates for the integration of primary care and public health. Dr. Constant is devoted to giving each of her patients her full, undivided attention and listening to each of their unique stories.


There are several reasons why you might want to choose a DPC practice, but here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. No rushed office visits. Ever.
  2. No waiting. Never sit in a crowded waiting room full of sick patients.
  3. Physician who spends longer than 15 minutes addressing your health concerns.
  4. No co-pays.
  5. You value a physician who truly knows you and you appreciate being able to access them at any time via phone, text, email, or Skype.

No. DPC is a direct contract that you establish with your doctor for primary care services only.  You choose your membership plan, you are in control of how much you spend on your health care. For example: think about your cable company, you sign a contract for services and you agree to pay a monthly fee, regardless if you watch TV. These services are available 24/7 with your contract and you can call anytime for questions or repairs.

Under Massachusetts law,  you still need to carry a health insurance policy to avoid a tax penalty.

Because you want a doctor who will spend time with you, who knows you and your family very well. To meet this goal your best option is to choose a direct primary care doctor. Direct primary care, commonly called DPC, offers you the luxury of building a personal relationship with your doctor. Your doctor has more time to spend with you because he or she caters to a smaller number of patients.  It is that simple.

Each membership includes:

  • Unlimited Telecommunication
  • Low-Cost In-house Diagnostics
  • Well Visits
  • Physicals (Including DOT Evaluations)
  • Nutrition and Medical Weight Loss Management
  • Basic Women’s Healthcare
  • Managing Chronic Illness and Coordinating Complex Care with Specialists.

Direct Primary Care Membership pricing is a sliding scale based on age:

  • Clients < 30 years of age
    • $60 per month
  • Clients 31 – 64 years of age
    • $75 per month
  • Clients 65+ years of age
    • $100 per month


Each membership includes 12 Office Visits per Year.  Additional visits are available for purchase if you reach your plan limit or it expires. Home visits are an option for specific clientele. Please notify Dr. Constant if you would be interested in home visits.

What Our Patients Say

What We Do

Primary Care Services

Our motto is our philosophy:
“We will never keep you waiting. We will never rush you out.”
At WholeCare, LLC, you will have unrestricted access to your primary care physician.

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Weight Management

Our Healthy Living Medical Weight Management program is a three-month commitment focused on helping you develop new habits to improve your physical and mental well-being.

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Occupational Evaluations

We understand you may need a physical quickly due to employment, schooling, or other unforeseen time constraints. We offer a one-time physical within two weeks. We also regularly offer DOT/CDL examinations for bus and truck drivers.

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Veteran Evaluation Services

We are an outsourced Compensation and Pension Medical Disability Examiner for the Veteran Evaluation Services [VES®]. The VES® is a Veteran-owned service company.

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