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At WholeCare we focus on creating close relationships with our patients through direct primary care. By going direct, we can create a personalized health plan for you because, unlike traditional primary care models, we can spend the necessary time to learn your habits and history.

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Community-based, direct primary care clinic located in Salem, MA

Meet the Doctor

marieMarie-Andrine Constant, is a board-certified family physician, a public health practitioner, and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. She worked with underserved communities in Haiti for more than 10 years, and the North Shore of Boston for almost 4 years. Her professional interests include the integration of public health and clinical medicine, narrative medicine, depression and bipolar disorder, diabetes, and obesity. She enjoys listening to her patients’ stories and spending quality time with them.


There are several reasons why you might want to choose a DPC even though you have insurance.

  • You have an established relationship with a doctor from a previous practice and that you don’t want to lose.
  • You want a doctor who can spend an hour with you or the length of time you feel is adequate to address your health need(s).
  • You value the relationship with your doctor and want a doctor you can access at  almost any time, by phone, text, email and/or Skype.
  • You will save money. If you carry a high deductible on your health plan, becoming a member of a DPC practice can save you money.
  • A DPC membership is a good complement to a catastrophic insurance plan.
  • You like the idea of being more than a patient and want to be part of a caring community.

No. DPC is a direct contract that you establish with your doctor for primary care services only.  You choose your membership plan, you are in control of how much you spend on your health care. For example: think about your cable company, you sign a contract for services and you agree to pay a monthly fee, regardless if you watch TV. These services are available 24/7 with your contract and you can call anytime for questions or repairs.

Under Massachusetts law,  you still need to carry a health insurance policy to avoid a tax penalty.

Because you want a doctor who will spend time with you, who knows you and your family very well. To meet this goal your best option is to choose a direct primary care doctor. Direct primary care, commonly called DPC, offers you the luxury of building a personal relationship with your doctor. Your doctor has more time to spend with you because he or she caters to a smaller number of patients.  It is that simple.

Each membership includes:

  • A set number of visits according to the rate you choose.
  • Direct access by phone, text, email and/or Skype.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Discounts on in-house labs.

There are three membership options from which to choose.  These are based on the number of visits you anticipate you may need in a one-year period. Additional visits are available for purchase if you reach your plan limit or it expires.

3 Visits a Year – $30/month (only available to those <30yo) 6 Visits a Year – $55/month 12 Visits a Year – $75/month

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Primary Care Services

Our motto summarizes our philosophy: “We won’t keep you waiting. We won’t rush you out.” We understand that your time is valuable.

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Weight Management

Our Medical Weight Management program is a yearlong commitment to help you develop new habits to improve your physical and mental well-being.

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Tick-Borne Illness

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Occupational Evaluations

At WholeCare, we understand that you may need a physical form quickly. We offer DOT/CDL physical examinations for buses and trucks drivers.

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