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Our Model

WholeCare, LLC uses a unique approach to healthcare. What makes us unique is our extended office visits (30 minutes to over an hour), direct access to your physician via cellphone and email, a small staff who knows you by name, and a home-like waiting room that is never over-packed.
We want you to feel comfortable so that you can be fully engaged in your healthcare.

Our motto is our philosophy: “We will never keep you waiting. We will never rush you out.”

If that is the type of care that appeals to you, call us to find out if you can become a member of our medical home. We meet with each prospective patient to ensure that WholeCare is the right fit for you.

WholeCare offers a hybrid direct primary care practice model. We contract with a limited number of insurance companies to continue supporting the most vulnerable residents of the community. Please contact us to find out if we have contracted with your insurance provider.

For residents with a high-deductible insurance or no health insurance, our membership model, and our pre-paid visit options will help you save money and guarantee the continuity of care you deserve.

Why WholeCare?

Acute Care

Acute care services are more appropriate for patients who need a quick check up for minor illnesses such as a cold, a urinary tract infection, or a rash. We do not perform X-rays at our location. You don’t have to be a member to access our acute care services. Acute care won’t be available to walk-in patients. All appointments are made online.

Convenient Patient Portal

Our patient portal lets patients engage in their care at their convenience:

  • View test and lab results
  • Make payments online
  • Request or schedule appointments
  • Exchange secure messages with their care team
  • Request prescriptions and refills

Each routine inquiry that patients can handle themselves frees up providers and staff to focus on care. And we help with portal adoption by recommending specific steps your staff can take to encourage patients to sign up and use the patient portal as part of your larger patient engagement strategy.


Pricing Options

Option 1

$ 60
  • From 0 to 30 yo

Option 2

$ 75
  • From 31 to 64 yo

Option 3

$ 100
  • 65 yo and older

Labs offered at a discounted cash price or through your regular insurance.


Please note that the federal government requires that you sign up for a health insurance plan to avoid paying a penalty.

WholeCare is not an insurance company and does not provide health insurance coverage.